Head lice prevention

Tips to prevent a head lice infestation

Hygiene does not play any major role for lice. Head lice strike regardless of whether or not the hair is washed. These lice prevention tips help you in trying to avoid a head lice infestation:

  1. Head lice cannot jump or fly, but crawl from one head to another when people are in close contact. You can prevent head lice by avoiding that your head touch anyone else’s.
  2. Additionally, avoid sharing things that have been on or near another person’s head, including hairbrushes, combs, hats, scarves, towels, helmets, pillows, sleeping bags, etc.
  3. Check the hair for nits and live head lice at least once a week, so you can deal with them before their numbers increase. Keep in mind that although you may find head lice anywhere, they are often found at the back of the head, near the neck and behind the ears.
  4. Review some head lice pictures to help you understand what you are looking for in the hair, including nits (lice eggs).
  5. Recognize the symptoms of head lice, which includes an itchy scalp and small red bumps or sores on the back of the neck and scalp.