Licener Single Treatment - Anti Lice Shampoo

Licener: Voor de behandeling van hoofdluis en luizeneitjes!

Single treatment

Licener is able to eliminate head lice and lice eggs in just one application. Licener suffocates the lice and lice eggs by flooding of the breathing apparatus of the lice.

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Eliminates head lice and eggs

Licener has been tested in several (clinical) studies and it has been proven that Licener is very effective on head lice and lice eggs.

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Natural product

Licener is a non-toxic head lice shampoo which is made from natural active ingredients. Licener does not contain any chemical substances that are dangerous or inflammable.

Works within 10 minutes

Licener is already effective after just one application of 10 minutes! Furthermore, no additional washing or combing is needed which makes it convenient to use.